End The Stress, Guilt And Overwhelm Of Being A Special Needs Mom and LOVE Your Life Again! 
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Is This Experience For Me?
If You Want To Take Time For Yourself, And You Ever Feel
  • Neglectful Of Other "More Important" Things
  • Worried That Self Care Will Be Used Against You
  • Guilty For Wanting ME Time
  • Afraid To Seem Selfish
  • Scared That Something Will Go Wrong If You Are Away
  • Concerned That No One Else Will Pay The Needed Attention
  • Like Your Co-Parent/Co-Caregiver Just Isn't As Familiar With The Needs
Then YES, This Experience IS For You
Let me ask you something...
Do you feel like you’re constantly putting your own needs on the back burner because as a special needs mom, there's just nothing left for you after you take care of everyone else? 

You know taking care of yourself is important but you’re not quite sure what that looks like?

If you’re honest, you can't remember the last time you put YOU first, and now when you look in the mirror you see a stranger looking back at you? Or worse, do you (dare I say it) hate the person staring back at you?

Are you afraid to take time for yourself or put your needs first because you feel it means putting your child second?

Most of all, do you worry about the future... do you feel like you're burnt out but it's not like you can just quit being a mom!
If so, then 1000% YES!  
This Recharge Experience is exactly what you need! 
Here's What You Get Inside The 
21 Day Recharge Experience! 
21 Day Virtual Coaching with Chantelle Turner to Inspire and Empower You
This experience is all about helping you reclaim your life, live more fully than ever before and be an even more amazing mom for your kids!
Nothing lights my fire more than helping special needs moms like me, make positive and impactful changes in their own lives & then see how much that also benefits their children! Here’s the thing get results you need to take ACTION. That’s why this isn’t just an online program, it’s an EXPERIENCE, and I’ll be with you every. single. day.
I’ll challenge you to get out of the rut. I’ll challenge you to show up in your life. I’ll to challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Basically, I’m going to challenge you to do, be and get more out of life. Both for yourself and for the people you love the most!
You’ve got ONE life to live here, and it’s high time that you start living it to the fullest, don’t you think?
Stronger Mommy 21 Day Recharge Experience Digital Companion Workbook 
Inside the 21 Day workbook, I'll teach you how to walk the path to the life you want and deserve, while actually improving the lives the ones you love the most.
The Companion Workbook will help you put that knowledge (along with the 21 days of Virtual Coaching with me) into action!
It’s time to throw back a shot of courage, tackle fear and self-doubt like a SUPER MOM, and transform your life!
If you’re ready to ditch your limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and step into the light of your life, you will love this digital workbook.
With thought-provoking writing prompts, comfort-zone stretching exercises and beautiful journal pages, the Companion Workbook will empower you to live a life beyond limits!
Access to Our Private 21 Day Recharge Experience Facebook Group 
(Finally... Be with other Moms who "get it") 
This is probably my FAVORITE part of the entire 21 day experience. This group will become like family to you!
These Stronger Mommies are on the journey to a limitless life just like you! In the group, you’ll be networking, sharing your wins, getting inspired and doing your experience exercises together. All while making brand new friends!
Access to the Recorded Coaching Calls 
Despite the best of intentions, sometimes you may miss a live coaching session…but I’ve got you covered!
You will have access to all of recordings inside your private members area!
Stronger Mommy Experience Bundle, Including the Stronger Mommy Manifesto
The Experience Bundle Includes:

 - A special gift from Stronger Mommy just as a Thank You for joining the Experience! (Valued at over $30)
- 21 Day Recharge Experience Digital Outline
BONUS: Stronger Mommy Completion Gift
I LOVE people who finish what they start! So if you complete the 21-Day Experience, not only are you going to experience life-changing results, I’ll also send you a special gift!
No...I’m not telling you what it is (‘cause it’s a surprise). But I will tell you that it’s valuable and you will love it!
Here's What We'll Cover...
Days 1 - 4 : Learn WHY Special Needs Moms Find It Impossible To Take Care Of Their Own Needs, when They Actually Need It The Most
Become the architect of your family's future with a systematic plan proven to take the stress out of the daily grind!
Days 5 - 8: Discover The Easiest Way To Fast-Track A Firm Foundation
Find out how our Mommas become scheduling ninjas so they can find guilt-free time to recharge their batteries and make family time really count!
Days 9 - 17: Overcome Past Obstacles And Gain Daily Tools That Will Bring Happiness And Joy Into Your Life And The Life Of Those You Love Most
Never feel like you have to choose between your own needs or the needs of your child or family again. When you learn these daily tools, guilt and stress melt away!
Days 18 - 21: Your Future, Your Child's Future And Your Family's Future Are Limitless
Know that you are creating a better life daily for yourself and your family. As you complete your 21 Day transformation journey you will see that not only has your life shifted for the better, but your children and family also have a much brighter future ahead of them! 
What People Are Saying...
Meet Your New Mentor, Coach, And Fellow Special Needs Mom! 
Chantelle Turner began her online entrepreneur journey shortly after having her first child. During this time she was also working hard to get her daughter the medical services and support she needed, due to complications at birth.

As she found ways to help her own daughter, she realized many other parents who had kids with special needs, were not getting the support they needed either. With her learned internet and marketing skills, she founded her company; Stronger Mommy.

Stronger Mommy aims to ‘Empower parents who have kids with special needs, to live a life beyond limits’. Stronger Mommy does this by helping special needs parents focus on taking care of themselves so they can then get the resources, services, support and community they need for their kids.

In less than 1 year, Chantelle built a community of over 2600 special needs parents, who she now empowers and supports; and that community continues to grow daily. Chantelle continues to empower special needs moms as an author, speaker and mentor. 
Building a Community and Helping Others...
Jenna Morley
"Stronger Mommy is what I like to call a beacon of hope. It’s a place where moms of special needs kids can get together and give each other support, advice, and a place to vent. The best part is the lack of judgment that you feel from the other mothers. This is a place where you don’t have to be afraid or embarrassed to discuss something because odds are there is another mommy going through what you are going through.

The Living Beyond Limits course (and Mommy Empowerment Program) has been so incredibly helpful for me! As a mom of children with special needs, you tend to think “I know everything… What else could they teach me???” I was so wrong! Through the lessons, I learned the importance of scheduling, IEP change, how to communicate effectively and so much more.

It has been such a life changer to me. The group was such an awesome part as well because it gave you the opportunity to connect with other moms to discuss what you learned, share any other ideas and so much more! I loved connecting with these other women because of the bond we formed has made it so much better and gave me something to look forward to every week. I have to say this has definitely been one of the best things I’ve participated in, in such a long time! WELL WORTH IT!!!"
"Stronger Mommy is a breath of fresh air for this special needs mama! I have spent the last 13 years thinking I was alone with my situation in my sons needs. It has been a wonderful resource for mamas from all walks to come together to vent frustrations and celebrate victories big and small. Stronger Mommy is a safe zone where there isn’t any judgement against you or your situations. In fact, there’s support regardless of what you may be going through. Living Beyond Limits (and the Mommy Empowerment Program) has been my favorite time of the week. I love that I can go back to re-watch calls or videos. They are informative and relevant. I love the friendships that I have made because of it. I am so glad that I get to be apart of these groups as it has made my journey more than what it ever was."
Emily Dudley
Megan Jacobs
 "Thanks for doing what you do. It means a lot for us to know we are not alone, and to understand how to do certain things ❤️! This program has helped me understand where to go for help with financial stuff, some of the programs I didn’t know about! IEP's, you help me understand what to ask for, and what I could expect at the IEP meeting and I was able to word things the right way so that we could get what we needed. "
Our Guarantee
This Experience is all about you taking care of you! We offer a full 60 days for you to go through the experience and love it or get your money back.
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